Naturaful Review – Breast Enlargement Cream That Really Work

All women dream to a have a perfect body. Breasts play a vital role in making our overall figure more attractive. No matter how attractive your figure is, it’s your breasts that gives it the perfect shape. Some women are not so lucky to be blessed with larger breasts. Many women feel inadequacy in them and often go for unnatural and unsafe methods to give themselves a complete look. Breasts implants or going for harmful breast enhancement supplements are what these women opt for and often face unpleasant consequences. Naturaful is there to give you the feeling of completeness that you have desired all your life. This Naturaful review ( will discuss in detail this safe and natural breast enhancement supplement.

What is Naturaful and how can it help?

NaturafulNaturaful is a breast enhancement cream. This product is scientifically tested and has a proven record for effectiveness.

Naturaful help the breast size within few months of use. It also helps in making breasts fuller and firm. Naturaful are also helpful in shaping the appearance of breasts by lifting, contouring and giving them shape. This product consists of all natural ingredients that are entirely safe for use.

How to use Naturaful?

Using Naturaful is very easy. You need to massage the Naturaful cream everyday on your breast to get the required result. There are some exercises that you need to do in addition to applying cream to make this product even more effective.

What do Naturaful contain?

As mentioned before, Naturaful consist of safe and natural ingredients. Some very noteworthy ingredients present in Naturaful are fennel and fenugreek seeds, kelp, tyrosine, Vitamin-E, dong quai root and many more.

How does this product work?

Vitamin E is present in Naturaful, a major component of natural breast enlargement. It is important to note that vitamin E is also very helpful in regulating periods. In addition to this, fenugreek seed present in this product is known for promoting milk production as well as containing a certain type of chemical that is similar to female estrogen. Fennel seeds are also known to promote breast tissue growth as well as containing an estrogen like chemical like fenugreek seeds. This product also contains essential fatty acids as well as amino acids.

All of these ingredients when combined together with other vitamins and minerals aid in healthy growth of breasts as well as improving your overall health at the same time. Women have mentioned improvement in their menstrual cycle after using Naturaful for a short period of time.

Naturaful Reviews

Naturaful have come as a blessing for women who wanted to increase their cup size. Naturaful reviews are full of women who are more than satisfied with their body after using this magical cream and taking the supplement.

Final Decision

Look and feel confident about your body like never before by using Naturaful. This product will transform you into the femme fatale you’ve always wanted to look like. After reading this Naturaful review you will hopefully no longer be considering expensive as well as unsafe alternatives to get a perfect size for your breasts. Use Naturaful cream and see the difference in a natural way.

Naturaful Review – Breast Enlargement Cream That Really Work

Breast Development in Women

Development of the breast is an important part in reproduction in females. Unlike other mammals, human beings are the only ones who are known to develop large and full breasts even before they nurse their offspring.

There are 2 major stages which marks the stages of breast development in girls. However, other times also are included, especially when a woman reaches menopause, but under these two stages. Which are they?

Breast development in puberty

As every girl approaches adolescents, breast development makes the signs of puberty. Among the other signs is the growth of pubic hair. In simple terms, the breast buds and pubic hair appears at the same time. Breast development in girls normally begins about a year before the beginning of menstrual period. This development may take several years.

At the beginning stage, the breasts are flat. Then comes the bud stage, where the nipple and breasts are slightly raised. This is because when ovaries secrete oestrogen, fat in connective tissue starts to accumulate and thus causing the breast to enlarge. The duct system begins to grow. The areola also begins to enlarge. Sometimes the early breast bud can be something to easily miss; while the change of the breasts from flatness can be very slight. The only difference will be the nipple area which will start to look ‘puffy’. However, the nipple itself will still be flat.

Once menstruation and ovulation begins, the maturing of breast also begins with the secretory glands forming at end of the milk ducts. Breast growth and maturity goes hand in hand with the development of many lobules and glands in girls.

Progressing, the breast starts to get bigger. Often this will happen in conical shape but later in round shape. Areola will start to darken and get even ‘puffier’. The nipple may erect though it fairly remains flat through the puberty and onward. The only stage of breast growth when nipples become erect is when the woman is pregnant.

Once the girl gets her periods, ovaries starts to produce progesterone; where things start to change. The function of progesterone here is to cause milk glands develop at the end of milk ducts. With this development there is less visible change in size of the breast, a sate which most see as challenging the breasts health and growth as it ought to be.

Breast development in women starts when one is 8 years to 13 years. If the girl doesn’t show any positive breast growth in terms of pubic hair and breast buds, which are the very first signs of puberty, then she should be recommended to see a doctor for further analysis. The same should also apply if the girl doesn’t get her periods by the time she is fifteen, as this is called delayed puberty. Of course one should not worry as there are several reasons which might have caused the delay, but seeing a doctor will help in solving the problem.

Normally as tie progresses, and as one passes the puberty stage, she becomes very responsible and the body becomes active to becoming pregnant. Though at age fifteen, pregnancy should not be the topic, it will be, because if the person has sex, she will automatically have the pregnancy, wanted or unwanted.

Breast growth during pregnancy

Many of the physicians will not believe that a woman can have fully matured breast until she has given birth and has produced milk. The breast change becomes one of earliest sign of pregnancy. Breast development in women will considerably increase during pregnancy because of the growth of milk producing glands and milk ducts. With the teenagers’ breast being mostly fat, when one becomes pregnant, the fat gradually disappears, thus giving space for milk producing system.

At this stage, the areola will enlarge and become dark. This makes big contrast with surrounding skin, as if it’s pointing out to the baby. This is where the nutrition centre is. Most of the pregnant women will experience tenderness down the breast sides. Soreness or tingling of the nipples due to the growth of milk duct system and formation of more lobules marks progressing stage of breast development.

At the time the woman reaches the sixth month of pregnancy, breasts are fully capable of producing milk. The oestrogen controls the growth of the dusts while progesterone controls glandular buds. There are other hormones, example of follicle stimulating hormone, prolactin, luteinizing hormone, placental lactogen and oxytocin which plays very important roles in the milk production and so in the breast health and growth.  Other changes such as prominence of blood vessels in breast and enlargement and darkening of areola will occur. All of these changes make preparation for breastfeeding of the baby after birth.

Upon birth, the baby should start nursing immediately, receiving the colostrums for few days. Afterwards, the “mature milk” starts to come in. One should note that the mature milk comes in more quantity than colostrums, and in mostly cases the woman’s breast (mother to the child) will become engorged.

When the baby learns to nurse more, supply of milk settles down to exact matching of the baby’s demand, when the breast returns to normal. During subsequent breastfeeding, the breast size may slightly change all times as they are either filling with milk of being emptied when the baby breastfeeds.

Breast development during menopause

You discover that the stages will mark change from breast development in girls to breast development in women, as the age and periods changes. When one reaches forties and heading to fifties, then she knows what ahead-menopause is. At this stage, the breast development has reached almost at its peak and the ducts and milk glands will now start to shrink, slowly being replaced by fats. The oestrogen and progesterone will begin to fluctuate with dramatic decrease in oestrogen. Without the oestrogen, connective tissue of breast becomes inelastic and dehydrated. The breast tissue, prepared to make milk, shrinks and loses its shape. This is what leads to the sagging of breasts, often associated by women of this age. The breast health at this stage is usually at risk especially if the woman is still using some of the beauty products to prevent the breasts from sagging. When all these happen, it marks the end stages of breast development in women.

Breast Development in Women

Breast Enlargement Exercises and Workouts

Breast enlargement exercises which also lift the mammary glands are very important. That is because a woman’s breasts are a symbol of femininity and fertility. Bigger breasts are highly appreciated by the opposite sex, but as time goes on, a woman starts to feel like she would need breast enlargement exercises because her breasts are just too small or too droopy. A woman’s breast has tracts which travel from the pectoral muscles to the skin, sustaining the mammary gland’s weight. Easy breast enlargement and lifting exercises will be more efficient if you avoid push up bras. The exercises we are about to present focus a lot on moving your arms.

Arm rotations and pushups

The simplest of breast enlargement exercises will only require you to rotate your arms. First, you will need to rotate each arm separately (20 repetitions) then rotate the arms simultaneously (20 more repetitions). Pushups are amazing breast enlargement exercises. But keep in mind that you won’t need to do the hard variations. All you will need to do is keep your palms and knees on the floor, and lift yourself with your arms. If you don’t lift your knees, the exercises will be easier.

Arm lifting

For this breast enlargement method you will also need small weights. Stand straight with your heels spread. Lift both of your arms straight up. Then put them back down by bending your elbows until your fists become level with your shoulders, then lift your arms again. 3 sets of 20 repetitions will suffice for fast breast enlargement and lifting.

The butterfly

This fast breast enlargement exercise will require you to lay with your back on the floor and your knees bent. Stretch your arms horizontally and lift them (while holding the weights we have mentioned before) until they are right above your chest. 2 sets of 15 repetitions will undoubtedly suffice.

The standing butterfly

For this one, you will need to stand with your heels exactly under your shoulders. Pick up the weights and lift them at shoulder level. The lift your arms vertically until they point straight up and then return them to shoulder level. Always make sure that your arms are straight at all times. These breast enlargement exercises will do much more than enlarge your breasts. If you combine them with eating the right foods, you will soon have larger breasts and they will not even droop.

Breast Enlargement Exercises and Workouts

Breast Enlargement and Stem Cell Research

Surgery, still the spearhead

The most popular breast enlargement method is still the breast enlargement surgery that uses silicone implants. However, there are other methods of enlarging your breasts through surgery, like saline implants or implants with one’s own fat. The results of this breast enlargement method can be quite spectacular, but it has its own risks. Holistic medicine can also give a breast enlargement method or another, but these can only help your breasts grow a little bit. Also, natural breast enlargement can’t ensure that your breasts will keep their beautiful shape.

Fat implant surgery

Plastic surgeons have been trying to enlarge breasts by implanting fat tissue for a very long time. However, the implanted fat cells could not create enough blood vessels to ensure they receive the needed nutrients and oxygen, so some of them died, some of them were reabsorbed by the body and the breasts returned to their initial size. But it would appear that this breast enlargement method can finally be viable, due to stem cell research.

What are stem cells?

Basically, we could say that a stem cell is kind of a prime cell which can transform itself in any other kind of cell, thus creating the needed tissue. Specifically, the stem cell is that embryo cell which gives birth to all of a fetus’ organs while in the uterus of his mother.  The stem cells start forming right after the egg was fertilized by a sperm cell.  These stem cells are capable of turning themselves into any other kind of tissue, as long as they are influenced by the right hormones. Japanese and European researchers managed to find a breast enlargement method by using stem cells. How?

Okay, it’s by using the principles of the fat implant breast enlargement surgery which we have mentioned above. If these implants would ultimately fail because the implanted cells could not get enough nourishment to stay alive, the researchers managed to find a way to implant fat cells fortified by stem cells. Thus, the implanted cells can develop at the place of the implant.

As far as the breast enlargement method and its risks, they are not completely known at the moment. In fact the long term risks are not known at all, but there is a theoretic premise for cancer risks, just like in the case of silicone implants. But even with all the risks, breast enlargement surgery still remains the only 100 percent method to make your breasts grow, so it would be worth it if you can save some cash and later deal with the recovery time.

Breast Enlargement and Stem Cell Research